Why reading with your children is so important? 0
Why reading with your children is so important?

The starting point for expanding each of our stories is a fairy tale written by Weronika Szelągiewicz. Why did we decide to combine wall decorations with fairy tales?

The idea that guides us in the development of the child during the time spent together - enabling children and parents to read was a natural choice for us.

Why is reading together with children important?

Let's start with the most important thing: there is no lower or upper age limit at which it is worth reading with your child. At first, you can watch the pictures, tell your child what's on them, and then read individual sentences until you get to short and longer stories.

1. Reading together is time spent together, in which the child receives 100% of our attention. Focus, commitment, closeness - these are the best we can offer a child. We create a sense that it is important, and this awareness builds and then strengthens his self-esteem. Thus, we satisfy their emotional needs, create a space for safe and natural development in a child of kindness, empathy, and social skills.

2. We create ideal conditions for learning the language and correct sentences, expanding knowledge about the world while having fun. Starting from onomatopoeic words (she laughs herself at the memories of my first attempts to imitate sounds made by a turkey or an elephant;)) to role-reading, playing with voice modulation.
3. Reading develops imagination and creativity - while watching beautiful illustrations, we also develop artistic sensitivity and visual-spatial intelligence (more here).
4. It teaches children to think, exercises memory, improves concentration, which ultimately facilitates learning.
5. Develops emotional intelligence, teaches empathy, naming, and expressing emotions.
6. It can perform a therapeutic function. Fairy Tale Therapy helps the child (and parents) to raise difficult topics. As Marta Chroscicka recalls in an interview on ladnebebe.pl, “By learning about the protagonist's story, on the one hand, the child touches on difficult matters, but on the other hand, he can distance himself from them. It's not me, but the hero is in trouble. It's not me, but the hero is very afraid of something. It's not me, but the hero is arguing with his brother. In this way, the child experiences emotions safely, in the cold. Acquires new skills or ways to deal with different situations."
7. Reading books is the perfect ritual to calm your little one down before going to bed (or putting them to sleep).

It is impossible to underestimate the advantages of reading together. In our opinion, the greatest thing is building wonderful memories, creating new worlds together, and reliving the stories of your favorite heroes. We hope that our short stories will be a great complement to your home libraries and a good starting point for creating stories on your walls.

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