6 Ideas for playing with Printed Stories Products 0
6 Ideas for playing with Printed Stories Products

Regardless of whether you ordered a wall mural or a set of stickers, you and your children can discover a new world that you will create in a children's room or any other selected place in your home.

Where to start your adventure with our heroes?


1. Unpacking

Start celebrating the arrival of new friends (heroes of our fairy tales) from the very beginning. Unpack the package with the children. Tell us about what is going to happen now, that you will decorate the children's room together and (we hope) have a great time. Let the children take out the stickers and put them in the room (we leave the decision to unpack the wallpapers for you, they are made of paper and you have to be careful with them;)). It may seem like an insignificant point, but inviting children to the process, giving them important tasks and decision-making is the best you can do - we build in children a sense of agency, independence, and the fact that they are important.

ps. do not throw away the boxes! It is a great play material. Soon we will share with you on the blog our ways to use cardboard boxes.


2. Reading a fairy tale together

Reading fairy tales develops children's imagination and creativity develops empathy and affects intelligence and memory. That is why a fairy tale is a gift from us and an incentive to spend time creatively with your child, with Printed Storie's wallpapers and stickers. You can find more about the benefits of reading together here.

You received a fairy tale in the form of a printed mini-book when ordering a wall mural or a set of stickers (small or large) - it is these products that will allow you to constantly build new stories and an endless amount of fun.

If you chose a photo wallpaper, decide for yourself whether you want to start with reading a fairy tale and getting to know the characters or with placing the wallpaper.

If you chose wall stickers, be sure to start by reading the fairy tale together! Meet the heroes from your chosen story - their names, friends and adventure. You and your child will decide together where you want to place them and what scene they want to present. Will you transfer the story you just read to your wall? Or maybe your child has a completely different idea? Let your child decide how he wants to place the heroes of the selected story and what adventures they will experience together.


3. Time for creating the story on the wall!

While large stickers are strongly recommended to parents, give smaller stickers to your children. When sticking fireflies or small fish, ask the children why they choose a given place. Do not limit yourself to the age of the children! Even the smallest have something to say, even if not yet aloud :)!

How was it? Do you like everything? Share your Instagram stories with us by tagging us @printed.stories :)

When gluing the wallpaper, your children can also be involved! Nobody can smoothen a freshly laid surface better than a small hand stroking the animals on the wall!


4. We meet the heroes - speech therapy and math games!

When our stories are on your walls, it's time to get to know the heroes even better: touch them - what are their shapes? What sounds do dinosaurs make and what are fish? What are the colors? How many fireflies are there in your mural? How many fish? Are all animals the same big? Maybe some are smaller and some are bigger?


5. A game of perceptiveness

Look for individual heroes or elements together with the children - it's a perfect game for the youngest, which not only teaches them to recognize animals / people / objects, but also shows children that art interprets reality and teddy bears in different ways, in the world of imagination they can wear a paper hat and priest play the flute!


6. Good morning and good night!

The bedtime ritual is very often great support in showing the little ones that bedtime is approaching. The activities repeated daily are a clear signal for the youngest that the day is ending. One of the elements of the ritual may be saying "bye, good night!" to all the teddy bears and heroes on the wall. We can hug teddy bears and put them down as if they were just going to sleep, we can stroke our stickers and heroes on the wallpaper to sleep - let them rest and gather strength for fun the next day! ;) Don't forget to say hello to everyone and say hello to the next day!


Share your play impressions with us :)

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