How to tell fairy tales to a child? 0
How to tell fairy tales to a child?

The starting point for expanding each of our stories is a written fairy tale. You can read about why reading with your child is important here.

If you want to go a step further, we encourage you to create new stories with your heroes, i.e. invent and tell an endless number of fairy tales!

Storytelling, or creating fairy tales together (if the kids are older) is a great way to have fun! First of all, it is the maximum commitment to being with the child "here and now", which builds the child's self-esteem. Secondly, it is a wonderful adventure - you can go together on a journey through the world of heroes that you have on your walls!

Fairy tales can also perform therapeutic functions, relieve difficult emotions and go through difficult experiences in a child's life (we will expand this topic soon!).

Don't worry, telling your children fairy tales is not difficult! We advise how to do it :)


At the beginning, you must meet two conditions! ;)

1. Don't make your own expectations! Your child does not expect a story from you that will change his / her life and which will be a bestseller - your child does not expect anything - the most important thing is the time spent together!
2. Consider storytelling as fun, not as a task. If you don't feel like it, don't feel ready, don't force yourself! “Just” reading together is a fantastic way to build relationships and help your child grow.

If you want to take it a step further, here are some of our starting ideas!

1. Start in small steps. The first fairy tales do not have to have morals, twists, etc.
They can be a continuation of our fairy tale.
Are there dinosaurs on your wall? I wonder if Rex wanted to play hide and seek with dinos? Where are the dinosaurs hidden? I guess everyone was having a good time? The fairy tale is ready :)

2. Or maybe you prefer to summarize your / your day? We are in the world of imagination, so the Tiger Theophilus can return to work in the office straight from his trip to Africa. What's funny happened to you today? Stories that children can easily translate into familiar places and situations will engage them more.
3. If the first simple stories are already behind you, it's time to enrich the whole thing with special effects! Even the simplest story, accompanied by gestures, expressions, funny sounds, monstrously big steps, jumping, crouching, dancing (phew!) Will make the child unable to take his eyes off you, and loud laughter is guaranteed!
4. Involve the children in storytelling.
Smaller children will be happy to repeat sounds and movements with you - do you see how much fun it can be developing?

Older children can create fairy tales together with you. One of the favorite memories of my childhood are the evenings when my mother created fairy tales with me. It was me who decided the names of the heroes, whether they went to the forest or to the lake, I even chose the colors of their clothes - it was enough for my mother to ask me at the right moment to finish the sentence or choose from several options.

Storytelling is a unique experience that strengthens our relationships and develops our imagination. I hope these simple tips will help you get started!


And you? What are your ways of making new stories?

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